Discover all our dog sledding tour packages

  • The Apprentice
    Dog sled  for  approximately 1h15 through woodland trails, including a small course.
    Adults: 65$ per person (Tax included) 
    Children under 9 years: 30$ per child (Tax included)


  • The Adventurer
    Dog sled  for  2h15 through a snowy scenery, includes a small  course.
    Adults: 95$ per person (Tax included)
    Children under 9 years: 40$ per child (Tax included)


  • The Enchanter
    Dog sled for  3h15 with Caribou tasting (Traditional drink) around a fire to warm us through the cold.winter.
    Adults: 130$ per person (Tax included)
    Children under 9 years: 48$ per child (Tax included)


  • Night at the Manor (Manoir Du Lac William)
    Dog sled  for  2h15hr  with a night at  Manoir du Lac William”  with access to the Jacuzzi, swimming pool and other activities.


Add the VIP option to your package. Drive your own sled from the beginning to the end.