Dog sled rides

Traineau à chiens_Randonnée Mickla

Experience the authentic Canadian winter and let our sled dogs take you on a journey into traditional Quebec life.

The dog team is an ancestral activity. In Canada, it was the Inuit ancestors who disseminated this practice 4,000 years ago. Sled dogs became famous in the last century, when harnesses were used in the gold rush in the Yukon and Alaska.

Enchanted landscapes

Whether it’s for a two- or three-hour ride, dog sledding takes place on regular snowmobile trails. Let yourself be amazed by the magic of winter and this beautiful white coat that covers nature.

You can choose to drive yourself (VIP formula) or let yourself be guided by one of our guides.

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Warm atmosphere and group stroll

All our hikes are carried out in groups of several sleds, under the supervision of an experienced guide. The atmosphere is very warm and ideal for couples, families and friends.

What is ecotourism ?

Sleighing reduces its ecological footprint. It promotes ecotourism, which is a form of tourism that allows you to discover a natural environment while maintaining its integrity.

Traineau à chiens_Randonnée Mickla


Randonnée Mícklà makes every effort to offer you a safe hike with our professional and experienced guides. We reserve the right to change the route or cancel the hike for safety reasons.

Plan your trip:

Experience the maple region and consult the L’Érable TOURISM & CULTURE directory to discover everything the region have to offer. For more information, please contact the L’Érable TOURISME et CULTURE team and visit their tourism information office. We also invite you to place an order for their various tourist brochures. Enjoy your visit and welcome home!

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