Manufacture, repair and sale of sleds

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Want to own your own dog sled?! Randonnée Mïcklà offers courses in the manufacture, repair or sale of dog sleds between Quebec City and Montreal. Do you want to build a sleigh for yourself, your child or another member of your family? Jacques Breton will share his knowledge with passion.

Dog sledding manufacturing and repair courses

Number of participants: 1 to 2 persons
Course duration: 4 days
Course leader: Jacques Breton
Time of year: spring, autumn, summer (dates to be defined at the time of booking)


During this course, participants learn how to make a train from a wooden plank, but also from their ropes, mode and general operation before departure.

The course includes:

  • Preparing the sled from A to Z
  • Possibility of lodging and feeding on site
  • Possibility to buy the sled made with a discount.

Sale of dog sleds

Randonnée Mïcklà sells dog sleds handcrafted by Jacques Breton with top quality materials. 

Sleds can be customized according to your wishes and needs. Discount transport accessories and accessories are also available upon request.

Randonnée Mïcklà also offers a repair service for damaged or broken sleds.

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