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Traineau à chiens_Randonnée Mickla

Discover all our packages and prices for dog sledding as well as our lodging.

Our prices

Package Adult
Child     -9 years

Apprentice (1h15)

Week Days


**all prices are before taxes 

90$**  (103.50$)


43$ **(49.45$)

55$ **(63.24$)

Adventurer (2h15)

Week Days


**all prices are before taxes 



58$ **(66.68$)

63$ **(72.44$)

Enchanter (3h15)



**all prices are before taxes 

250$ **(287.44$)

275$ **(316.18$)

90$ **(103,48$)

97$ **(111,53$)

Musher (4-5h)                                                                                                                                              


At Manoir du Lac William
Hiking (2h15) + one night at the Manoir with jacuzzi, swimming pool … 

from $/pers., /double occupancy/regular room

VIP Option available (details below) 85$** (97.72$) to be Added to the package  

** you have to add all taxes due 

Details of our packages

Apprentice package

Traineau à chiens_Randonnée Mickla

Let yourself be charmed by a dog sleigh ride. You will have a brief instruction to learn the basic of dog sleighing. Then you will take your own sled, and someone from your group will be seated. The ride on the sled will be approximately 1hr. but the tour will be about 1;30hr. or more if you want to stay and pet all the dogs. You will be 2 per sled and you will alternate the driver. We always have a guide in front to guide you through the woods. (Total duration 1;30)

Adventurer package

Traineau à chiens_Randonnée Mickla

Be part of a dog sled team going across beautiful scenery in the forest. You might even experience the sight of deer’s or even moose. A real postcard landscape, to explore alone, in couple or family, accompanied by our faithful huskies and malamutes.  You will be 2 per sled and you will alternate the driver. The sleight ride is approximately 2hr. (Total Duration: 2h30)

Enchanter package

Traineau à chiens_Randonnée Mickla

If you want to experience the real thing, well this is for you. You will be in very small more than 4 or 5 unless they are part of your group. Upon your arrival your guide will great you and leave with you to introduce your dog’s. he or she will explain how to drive a sled and then your off into the wood. The guides are always in front of you. Halfway into the woods you will stop to have a small brunch around a fire (elk smoke meat sandwich, with cheese to grill from the region, the famous caribou alcohol (or tea, coffee or hot chocolate) maple marshmallow.

(Total duration is 3hr30)

Musher package

Traineau à chiens_Randonnée MicklaImmerse yourself in the skin of a musher with a 6-hour hike with a dinner in the woods around a fire. On the way back, visit the kennel and untie the dogs, like a true musher. (Duration: 6h)


VIP Option

Traineau à chiens_Randonnée Mickla

For a personalized and unforgettable experience, feel free to add the VIP option to one of your packages.

For an additional $85 per person to the package of your choice, you will drive the sleigh throughout the hike.  You will also be responsible from the beginning to the end of the hike, as a true musher.    you  are responsible of the sled through out the ride. 
additional info; 
Do not worry, before leaving, all the information necessary to drive safely our dogs will be transmitted to you. While you are part of the group leaving with our guide, you will be independent and you will be able to take full advantage of this experience through the forest. You are 2 by sled unless the VIP package, and you will alternate the driver. 




Contact us email, by phone (819-362-1212) or reserve  directly online your adventure with our superb huskies.

Gift certificates are also available here .




Manoir du Lac William package

Traineau à chiens_Randonnée Mickla

Relax in an idyllic setting and enjoy the facilities and activities of the Manoir du Lac William.

The package includes:

  • 2 nigths Lodging,
  • 2 hours of dog sledding*,
  • 2 Table d’hôte dinner (3 to 5 course),
  • 2 Breakfast,
  • Gratuities,
  • Access to our nordic spa and infrared sauna**,
  • On site activities : 
  • Fatbike, Snowshoeing, hiking trails, skating path, cross-country skiing.
  • Ice fishing($), horse riding($) and skiing($) nearby 

Contact the Manoir du Lac William by phone (1-800-428-9188) or by email to make your reservation


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